Species Action Plan Development, Revision and Monitoring

Rubicon's team has unrivaled experience in the field of developing, revising and monitoring the implementation of species action plans.

During the last few years, we have supported the development of the AEWA Single Species Action Plan for Eurasian Curlew,  Benguela Upwelling Current Coastal Seabirds multi-species action plan for AEWA, the development of a national action plan for Lesser White-fronted Goose in Iran and the updated action plan for the Lesser Spotted Eagle.

In 2007 Rubicon was selected by  UNEP/AEWA Secretariat to provide a review of the progress made in conserving waterbird species through preparation and implementation of single species action plans.

Rubicon experts participated in the revision of the International Single Species Action Plan format for AEWA. 

In 2007 Rubicon  team provided BirdLife International technical support for the Memorandum of Understanding on Great Bustard  developed under the UN Convention on Migratory Species.


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