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Sema Atay has been working in the field of plant conservation in Turkey since 1992. Along with having special experience in bulbous plants and Important Plant Areas (IPA) of Turkey, she has taken an active role in developing and implementing many nature conservation and rural development projects. Between 1992-2009, she worked full-time for DHKD (The Society for the Protection of Nature) which was the leading nature conservation NGO in Turkey. She continues providing technical support to the projects and project officers of NGOs;  contributing to the contents and planning of the project activities; coordinating IPANET (Volunteer Network for the Important Plant Areas of Turkey); supporting practical conservation actions; promoting nature conservation and sustainable development and producing publications to increase public awareness.


Abdoulaye Ndiaye  is experienced in wetlands management, waterbird monitoring, poverty reduction and climate change adaptation in more than 30 countries with a focus in West, Central and East Africa. He studied wildlife engineering, zoology, veterinary sciences and botany but specialized in ornithology. During his education he developed skills in land use planning, surveying and monitoring of natural resources and wetlands management. He is also experienced in training delivery, course administration, guidance counseling and extra curricular activities. As a trainer and responsible for  programmes, he set new performance records for Wetlands Training courses in Africa,  as well as, capacity building for wetland and waterbird monitoring. This involved identifying priority local issues such as inventory & monitoring, legal issues and policies.




IPANET - Volunteer Network for the Important Plant Areas in Turkey

AEWA Conservation Status Report

Conserving wild plants and habitats for people in the South and East Mediterranean (IPA-Med)

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