IPANET - Volunteer Network for the Important Plant Areas in Turkey

In terms of plant diversity Turkey is one of the richest countries, with over 11000 species, 33% of which are endemic to the country.

The Important Plant Areas (IPA) of Turkey were identified between 1992-2002 through field and literature research. The research which was conducted as a cooperative effort between Doğal Hayatı Koruma Derneği (DHKD) and its partners Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Botany (ISTE) and Flora Fauna International (FFI) resulted in listing the first 122 IPAs of Turkey. Soon after, between 2003-2006, under the leadership of ISTE a further 22 IPAs were identified along the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline.

IPANET project was developed and implemented by Stichting Rubicon and DHKD. The Matra Programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided financial support to the project during 2007-2009. 
In the project, 9 Important Plant Areas across Turkey were chosen as pilot sites. 

At the pilot sites local volunteers were trained on the issue of natural-resources management and in particular on plant resources through activities such as lobbying, community development, formal and non-formal education, production of educational materials and citizen science activities (i.e. taking inventories, monitoring).

There is an active website and facebook pages for the network.

Since its establishment the IPANET continues to:

•   Work with volunteers.

•   Hold meetings with different interest groups.

•   Monitor rare plants and their habitats.

•   Share information with different target groups.

•   Support sustainable use and management of nature.

•   Take action for IPAs that need protection.



Working on a Community Vision for the Lara-Perakende Important Plant Area

IPA Coordinator presenting her findings for Cildir Lake IPA near Kars

IPANET team during a workshop

Map of IPAs in Turkey with the 9 pilot areas highlighted


IPANET - Volunteer Network for the Important Plant Areas in Turkey

AEWA Conservation Status Report

Conserving wild plants and habitats for people in the South and East Mediterranean (IPA-Med)

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